Study in UK

Unleash brilliant educational opportunities in the UK

Why the UK?

The UK is emerging as one of the most progressive countries for high-quality education. For students who want more out of their careers, UK is the ideal destination for them.

The UK comes with many reckoned universities, vast career options, plenty of courses, and brilliant academic and professional grooming options.

So, here are the reasons why the UK is one of the best destinations for overseas education

High-quality Education

The UK comes with many educational institutions and Universities, making this country one of the best destinations to shape your career. The framework of the educational system of the UK is highly efficient and globally accepted, which makes this country be on your checklist for abroad studying.

Modern and impressive learning ambiance

The method of teaching in the UK is unique. The teachers and professors of the UK Universities opt for multiple teaching and assessment methods to analyze each student's mindset and nurture them accordingly. Moreover, their teaching technique is interactive and relevant, which makes you grow more interest in your studies.

A wide range of course options

Different institutions in the UK offer various course options, which gives you a wide range of choices to pick the right course for yourself that perfectly aligns with your career prospect.

Massive options for placements

The curriculum of the UK universities is industry-oriented and involves practical training, which has got wide acceptance all over the world. Hence, studying in UK will offer you a broad scope of placement in various industries, enhancing your career opportunities.

Part-time work opportunity

In the UK, students are permitted to work for 20 hours per week. So, if you are thinking of having some extra income to run your monthly expenses, then the UK is the best place to pick for your career.

Tuition Fees for the UK

Social science and humanities £10000 per annum
Drugs program or medical cost £35000 per annum

Living Expenses for the UK

Accommodation £400-£600 / month
Private accommodation £320-£530/ month
Food/ housekeeping £160-£200/ month
Bills £40-£50/ month
TV license £12.56/ month
Phone bills £15-£50/ month
Clothes and shoes £25/ month
Books and study materials £21/ month

The UK has its fame as one of the most popular countries for quality education. All the universities, educational institutions, and training centers of the UK take part in giving students the best experience of overseas education on a global scale. Here are some of the best grade universities for studying in UK..

Rank Universities
1 University of Oxford
2 University of Cambridge
3 Imperial College London
4 UCL (University College London)
5 University of Edinburgh
6 The University of Manchester
7 King’s College London
8 London School of Economics and Political Science
9 University of Bristol
10 The University of Warwick
11 University of Hertfordshire
12 Anglia Ruskin University
13 University of Birmingham
14 Middlesex University London
15 Teesside university
16 University of Greenwich


The UK offers you plenty of courses for your studies. A wide variety of options lets you find out the best one for your study in UK so that you can pick a suitable career based on your dreams and goals.

Following are a few courses that you can opt for in the UK:

  • MBA
  • Degree in Engineering
  • Degree in Law
  • Medicinal Degrees
  • Master degrees [Academic and Professional]
  • Graduation degrees
  • Post-graduation degrees
  • PhD

In career opportunities, the UK stands out as one of the best countries in the world to fulfill your career goals. There are plenty of career options in the UK, which is beneficial to cater to various interest-based jobs for you.

Job opportunity Job openings Median Salary
Enterprise architect 2692 £75209// year
Strategy manager 753 £74896/ year
Tax manager 1691 £62995/ year
Risk manager 1473 £60000/ year
Finance manager 2231 £60403/ year
Design manager 854 £56439/ year
Commercial manager 977 £58385/ year
Product Manager 2750 £56195/ year
Engagement Manager 747 £51166/ year

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Visa & More

Hassle-free VISA processing makes your educational dream come true in the UK

Visa & More

Before you head towards the UK to continue your studies, you need to ensure that you have a proper VISA.

Well, the following are the essential VISA rules you must know for continuing studying in UK.

● Passport

● A recent photograph

● Proof of having adequate English skills by qualifying in any secure English Language test (SELT)

● An unconditional offer of any course offered by a licensed Tier-4 Sponsor

● Reference number of the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies and relevant documents to acquire it

● Evidence of financial support throughout your stay in the UK

● ATAS certificate stating that you’re a non-EU/EEA/ Swiss student studying a sensitive subject

● Proof of VISA application fee

● Other requirements based on your native country

Visa Categories

Before you go for Visa approval for your overseas study in the UK, you need to ensure that you know all the Visa categories to understand which one meets your educational needs.

1. Tier 4 Student Visa (General)


● You are required to be over 16 years of age or offered a place in a course by a licensed Tier 4 sponsor

● Capability to speak, read, write and understand English properly

● Enough money to support yourself and pay for your overseas education in the UK

● Proof of consent from your parents if you are 16 or 17

● Current passport or other valid documentation for travel

● Proof of fundings to support your living expenses

● CAS reference number and necessary documents

● Passport size photo

● Tuberculosis screening results (if needed)

● Assessment documentation

● ATAS clearance certificate (if required)

2. Tier 4 Student Visa (Child)


● You have to be between 4-17 years old and study in an independent school in the UK

● Must possess an unconditional offer of a place in a course to study in an independent school

● Must be capable of reading, speaking, writing, and understanding English


● Recent photograph

● Evidence of your financial status that you have enough money to support your expenses in the UK

● Proof of consent of your parents to study in UK

3. Short-Term Study VISA


● You need to prove that you have got a place in a short-term course like English language or any other training course

● Evidence of your financial funds to support your stay in the UK

● Current passport

● Latest passport size photograph

● Proof of qualifying in any secure English Language test (SELT)

● CAS reference number and necessary documents

● ATAS clearance certificate (if needed)

● The visa will last for 6-11 months long for your English Language courses

Here is the Visa processing fee required for studying in UK.

Types of Visa Processing Fee
Tier 4 Student Visa (General) £348
Tier 4 Student Visa (Child) £348
Short-Term Study Visa £97 for 6-months Visa
£186 for an 11-month Visa