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We strive to simplify your goal of studying abroad.

Career Path Overseas has made every Indian student's dream of studying abroad come true. All students want to choose to study abroad and strive to improve their knowledge. But dreaming or setting goals is not enough. It is important to know which college or university is best for you based on your educational needs. And then you need a professional education advisor abroad. That is why we are your personal and professional partner.

As colleagues and mentors, we believe it is our duty to give you the best guidance with our full attention and to help you develop your true potential. From in-depth counseling sessions to customized training programs, seminars, tests, and demo interviews, we take care of all your study abroad needs. With our efforts and strong relationships with reputable foreign universities, we have successfully placed many students in the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland and Canada, and many more countries. To attempt. Our goal is to constantly improve to bring the best to all aspiring students and make their dreams come true.


As the leading study abroad agency, we help students across the country to achieve their ultimate goal and dream of quality education abroad. We make it easier for many students who want to start their educational and professional careers in their desired destinations.

Career Path Overseas strives to be honest and up to date with all the facts while advising students on studying abroad. We operate in almost every city in India to efficiently support you in your education abroad.

While we deal with our students, we often experience that they know only limited universities in private nations, where they study their friends or family members studying.

We present a list of universities along with the courses they offer so you can easily select your preferred option based on your career goals. We believe that you should take advantage of all possible educational opportunities, rather than just the limited ones. Our guide is always there to show you the right path to education in the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland and Canada, and many more countries. The best opportunities are waiting for you.

We understand that getting admitted to an international university is a difficult task. Therefore, we conduct the appropriate consultations, training programs, tests and demo interviews to prepare you for admission to foreign universities and easily pass the visa application interviews. In addition, we have direct alliances with many universities around the world, which allows us to help you with an easy admission process and offer you maximum security.

With years of experience and knowledge in the field, we are proud to say that we have an excellent reputation for shaping the careers of many students who are now pursuing their dreams in some parts of the world. We are very focused on staying engaged. to our words and are proud of our excellent service and our advisory facilities abroad.

With the aim of supporting you in your career aspirations, we present you with all the opportunities for your training abroad and thus make it easier for you to make a decision.

Our Mission

Career Path Overseas intends to become the premier Comprehensive Studies Abroad agency to meet all study abroad requirements for Indian students correctly aligned with their career aspirations.

Our Vision

We strive to keep our students properly occupied. Our main motto is to help our students get a quality education abroad through our comprehensive advice, guidance, and appropriate solutions.