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Explore your career prospect with a myriad of educational opportunities in the USA

Why the USA?

The USA is popular as the number one country for studying abroad. It is the most suitable destination for students from all over the world due to its top-quality education offering.
So, here are the reasons why the USA should be at the top of your overseas study checklist.

Brilliant Quality Education:

The USA is the center of all high-quality abroad education with plenty of university options having global high rankings. 10 American Universities are found within the top 2.0 University rankings.

Flexible Course structure:

The country is famous for delivering plenty of comprehensive courses, which offer more flexibility to shape your career. Our overseas education consultants will help you find the right and appropriate course structure for you that suits your career goals.

A wide range of options for degrees and programs:

The country comes with a wide range of study options for students across the world. No matter which degree or educational program you prefer, you will always get the chance to become a part of it.

An array of opportunities for scholarships and fundings

The United States Government comes with plenty of schemes for scholarships and fundings, which are appropriate for giving your overseas study in the USA the best support and making your dream come true.

Brilliant research and training opportunities:

American Universities are the hubs of technology-based advanced research, which can give your career a vast vista and opportunities to be a part of revolutionary research programs.

Tuition Fees for USA -Same as on website (No changes required)
Living Expenses for USA

Books and study material $500-$1000/ year
Travel costs within USA $300-$700/ year
Accommodation $5000-$7500/ year
Apartment Rent $300-$600/year
Meal $2500/ year
Shopping for necessities $500/ year
Personal expenses $2000/ year

Universities and Courses

The USA can be tagged as a University-rich country. There are several top-graded universities, which take part in shaping and molding the careers of millions of students every year. Here are some of the best-grade universities for overseas study in the USA.

1 Harvard University
2 Stanford University
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
4 University of California, Berkeley
5 Columbia University
6 University of California, Los Angeles
7 Yale University
8 University of Pennsylvania
9 Princeton University
10 Cornell University
11 New York University
12 University of Chicago
13 Duke University
14 Johns Hopkins University
15 University of Southern California
16 Northwestern University
17 Carnegie Mellon University
18 University of Michigan
19 California Institute of Technology
20 Brown University


There are many courses available in thousands of universities and training centers in the USA, which offers you many choices for your career opportunities.
So, here are the courses, which are pretty popular in the USA.

  • Associate degrees
  • Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Master’s degrees [Academic and Professional]
  • Professional Degrees
  • MBA degrees
  • Doctoral Studies
  • Post-doctoral degrees
  • Certificate programs
  • Engineering and Computer Science Courses
  • Business Management Courses

When it comes to career opportunities in the USA, the country has to offer you many options. You can pick any of the courses here that align with your dream future and unleash a brilliant opportunity for your career.
Here are the popular career opportunities that you can get by studying in America.

Career Option Job Opportunities Median salary Educational Requirement
Software developer 316000 $107510 Bachelor’s
Nurse Practitioner 110700 $109820 Master’s
Physician Assistant 39300 $112260 Master’s
Physician 18500 $206500 Doctorate
Data Scientist 10300 $94280 Bachelor’s
Speech-language pathologist 40500 $ 79120 Master’s
IT Manager 48100 $146360 Bachelor’s
Pilot 6100 $121430 Bachelor’s
Financial Manager 108100 $129890 Bachelor’s
Mechanical engineer 12400 $88430 Bachelor’s

Visa & More

Easy Visa processing to make your dream come true for studying in the USA

VISA Rules

Students have to abide by some specific rules for the issuance and processing of VISA for the USA.

Here are a few simple requirements you need to have before applying for a Student Visa in the USA.

● A valid passport with the date of validity of at least six months beyond your period of staying in the USA

● Passport size photograph

● Confirmation page of DS-160

● Form 1-20

● Payment for the application fees of SEVIS

● Application as a non-immigrant

● Other essential requirements of the university for the application

Useful Links

Here are some useful links, which will be quite helpful for you. abroad-destinations/study-in-the-usa/

Visa Categories

Before you head towards making an application for a University or course in the USA with a study abroad agency, you need to know about the VISA categories suitable for students.

Following are the categories:

1. F1 VISA


● A valid Passport

● Present passport size Photo

● Confirmation page of DS 160

● Form 1-20

● Payment of Application fees for SEVIS

● Application as non-immigrant

● University requirements

2. F2 VISA


● Must be the spouse of an F1 student visa holder or a dependent child under 21 years and unmarried of an F1 visa holder

● Must have financial resources to support the family in the USA

● Passport

● Confirmation of DS 160

● A photograph conforming to US Visa rules

● Birth certificate of dependent children

● Visa fee payment receipt

● Applicant’s I-20 form

● Marriage certificate for spouses

● Copy of F1 Visa holder’s I-20 form

● Applicant’s bank statements, employment documents, tax records

3. M1 Student Visa for Vocational course


● Application for non-academic or vocational training courses in the USA

● Minimum educational qualification for the admission

● Form I-20

● English proficiency

● Financial stability

● Proof of permanent residence in the origin country

● Non-immigration intention

● Passport validity for 6 months

● DS -160 Form confirmation

● Fee receipts

● Recent photographs

● Educational certificates

● Proof of financial stability

4. M2 VISA


● Proof of temporary staying in the USA

● Proof of the fact that you are the dependent spouse or child (under the age of 21) of the applicant

5. J-1 Intern Category VISA


Applicants must have a secured internship offered by a company in the USA in the following fields:

● Arts and Culture

● Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry

● Construction and building trades

● Health occupation

● Hospitality and tourism

● Education, library science, social science, counseling, and social services

● Information media and communications

● Public administration and law

● Management, business, commerce, and finance

● Science, engineering, architecture, mathematics

6. J-2 VISA


● Applicants will have to be the spouse of a J-1 visa holder in the USA

● Dependents need to be under 21 and unmarried

● The J-1 visa holder must be already present in the USA before the J2 visa holder reaches

● DS 2019 form

● J2 Visa sticker

● Permission to work

Here is the Visa processing fee required for studying in America.

Type of Visa Description Visa Application Fee SEVIS Fee
M Student (Vocational) $160 or INR 11520 $350 or INR 25113
F Student (Academic)
J Exchange Visitor