Study in Australia

Achieve all of your career goals while studying abroad in Australia

Why the Australia ?

Australia is one of those countries, which serves to be a fascinating destination for studies and brilliant career opportunities. Thus, starting your higher study in Australia will not only give you a better way of learning and gathering knowledge but also open up brilliant ways to unleash diverse and promising career opportunities.
So, here is why Australia is considered one of the best destinations for your studies abroad.

Higher-quality education

Australia is one of those brilliant destinations in the world that comes up with an excellent study structure with plenty of well-reckoned universities. There are unlimited opportunities with thousands of schools, vocational education and training institutions, and plenty of courses that make your study unleash a vast world of progress in the modern world.

Employment and placement opportunities

Studying in Australia comes with a wide range of support for freshers' professional development and employment, which properly shapes their careers to offer a more secure future.

A diverse community for students

Australia is the center of education where students come from all over the world to build a more diverse culture for students. Studying here comes with the chance to meet students from all around the globe, which lets you experience the beauty of multiculturalism.

Affordable living

Residing in Australia for students is much budget-friendly with less and affordable expenses, making it easier for you to have a nice living.

Brilliant opportunities for scholarships and fundings

With overseas study in Australia, you can get plenty of options for scholarships and fundings, which will help you get the opportunity to nourish your talent and get access to your desired course with proper financial support.

Tuition fees for Australia

Secondary education $7800-$30000/ year
Vocational training courses $4000-$22000/ year
English language courses $300/ week
Technical and Further education $4000-$22000/ year
Undergraduate bachelor degree $15000-$33000/ year
Foundation courses $15000-$39000/ course
PG martyr’s degree $20000-$37000/ year
MBA $11000-$121000 total
Doctoral Degree $14000-$37000/year

Living Expenses for Australia

Rent $200
Health related expenses $9
Food expenses $100
Utilities $20
Transport $50
Other expenses $100

Australia is the ruling center of plenty of Universities and courses in the world. It comes with brilliant opportunities for students from all over the country with its well-ranked institutions and colleges in Australia.

Following are the famous Universities in Australia where you can apply to shape your career:

Rank Universities
1 University of Melbourne
2 University of Sydney
3 University of Queensland Australia
4 Monash university
5 University of South Wales
6 Australian National University
7 University of Adelaide
8 University of Western Australia
9 University of Technology Sydney
10 Curtin University
11 Queensland University of Technology
12 University of Wollongong
13 Griffith University
14 Macquarie University
15 Deakin University


Australia comes with plenty of courses based on brilliant career options that you want to pursue. So, here are the popular course options, which Australia offers in front of you.

  • Bachelor of Aviation
  • Bachelor of Social work
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Graduation
  • Masters
  • Doctorate
  • Vocational degrees
  • Undergraduate Bachelor degree
  • Postgraduate Master’s degree
  • MBA
  • Technical Education degrees
  • English Language Courses

Australia is great for giving your career a strong and profitable future. In this country, several job opportunities give your career a reliable and quick boost to reach your dreams.

Here are the most popular career opportunities that you can get by studying in Australia.

Jobs Median income Median salary
General Counsel $438000 Bachelor of Law
Surgeon $320186 Complete medical degree
Anesthetist $385242 Graduate with a medical degree
Chief Technology Officer $320000 Complete bachelor degree
Chief Finacial Officer $350000 Completed bachelor's degree
Sales Director $260000 Experienced Sales Consultant
General Manager $275000-$280000 Bachelor’s Degree in Business administration
Internal Medicine Specialist $268247 Complete undergraduate medical degree
Psychiatrist $213683 Complete bachelor’s degree in medicine
Investment Strategist or Director $250000 Completed Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

Visa & More

Easy Visa processing to make your studying in Australia more opportunistic

VISA Rules

For studying in Australia, you need to follow some VISA rules to stay clear with your documentations while living there.

So, here are the essential rules you need to follow:

● You will get the permit to study for 5 years in Australia with a Student Visa in a higher education institution.

● It is a must to be enrolled with a higher education source in Australia to apply for the Visa.

● If your age is below 18 years, then you need to provide essential information regarding your living and welfare in Australia, along with your family’s consent.

● Adequate health coverage is also necessary during your stay in Australia

Useful Links

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Visa Categories

For your overseas study in Australia , you will need the Student Visa (Subclass 500), which will allow you to reside for 5 years in Australia for full-time study in an educational institution.


● The applicant must be 6 years or older

● Statement of your purpose for staying in Australia

● You need to provide a Confirmation of Enrollment in the full-time course, which is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students

● Must have a proper proof for your English-speaking skills

● You and your family members need to be covered by the Overseas Student Health Cover from an approved Australian health insurance provider

● Adequate welfare arrangement for the under 18s

● You need to meet the health and character requirements

● Evidence of financial stability during your stay in Australia

● A valid passport

● Your Visa application fee

● Your Genuine Temporary Entrant statement

● Academic and work experience documents

● Passport size photographs

The expense of applying for a Student Visa in Australia is around AUD 620 for the main applicant. A separate charge will be applicable for each family member who will apply for the Visa.

Visa Subclass Application Charge Additional application charges for 18 years or above Additional application charges for less than 18 years Subsequent temporary application charge
Student visa
(Subclass 500)
AUD 620 AUD 460 AUD 150 AUD 700
Student Visa (Subclass 500) - (Subsequent entrant)
(Subclass 500)"
AUD 620 AUD 460 AUD 150 AUD 700
Student Visa (Subclass 500) - Postgraduate research sector
(Subclass 500)"
AUD 620
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