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Grab the best career opportunity to make a shining future while studying in Ireland

Why the New Ireland ?

Ireland is a country that offers brilliant study opportunities, multiple course programs, broadened career opportunities, proper connectivity, enhanced safety, and brilliant hospitality. It is one of the best places for an Avant-grade career opportunity, which is emerging as a preferred study abroad destination for students across the globe.
So, the following are a few reasons that make Ireland an excellent choice for higher education.

Home to top universities

Ireland boasts a large number of institutions in the world. Universities like AIT, WIT, UCC, TDU are located in Ireland, which offers brilliant quality education and a superior study structure. University College Cork is considered one of the best universities in Europe, which is having global recognition. So, if you want to take admission to this University, seek the best guidance from our abroad education consultants.

Higher opportunities for scholarships:

Each of the universities in Ireland comes with numerous generous scholarship opportunities, which are a great way to support your study. Here, the merit-based scholarships range from €1000 to 100% of the tuition fee, making it an excellent destination to study abroad.

Center or global corporates:

Starting your career in Ireland is always a brilliant decision. It is home to more than 1000 leading multinational companies. Whether it is FDI giants, highly reckoned pharmaceuticals, top software companies, or financial firms, it is the hub of many business giants. Also, companies like Google, Apple, IBM, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, HP are having headquarters in Ireland.

Post-study Visa:

One of the significant benefits of studying in Ireland is that it offers a post-study Visa. It comes with a two-year work permit, which is served to all international students in Ireland. Thus, it is a brilliant opportunity for you to start a highly prospective career here.

English speaking country:

Though Irish Gaelic is the officially recognized language of Ireland, most people here speak in English. Thus, it will be easier for you to do your studies in English, which will provide you brilliant language flexibility, without any barrier, to start your career in any sector in Ireland.

Tuition fees in Ireland

Undergraduate program €9859-€25000
Postgraduate master’s program €9500-€34500
Doctoral degree €9500-€34500

Living Expenses for Australia

Utilities €30-€50
Food Expenses €250-€350
Book and stationery €75
Travel expenses €65-€85
Mobile Phone €20
Personal expenses €200-€300

Ireland houses some of the top-rated universities in the world. Thus, starting your study and career at a highly reckoned university in Ireland will give you the best opportunities that you can ever dream of.
So, here are the top universities of Ireland, where you can easily begin your higher studies.

Rank Universities
1 Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin
2 University College Dublin
3 Dublin Business School
4 National College of Ireland
5 Dublin City University
6 Griffith College
7 National University of Ireland Galway
8 University of Limerick
9 University College Cork
10 Technological University Dublin


The Universities of Ireland are famous for offering plenty of courses, study programs, vocational training, and learning opportunities. The following are a few popular courses that you can look for to start your study in Ireland.

  • Doctoral degrees
  • Bachelor degrees
  • Master's degrees
  • Specialized pharmaceutical programs
  • Data science programs
  • Other science and engineering-related degrees
  • Business and finance studies programs

Plenty of career opportunities come in your way when you opt for your overseas study in Ireland. Since this country is a hub to several multinational companies and corporate sectors, you don’t need to worry about getting the best job for yourself here.
The following are some of the best career opportunities that you can unleash by studying in Ireland.

Jobs Median Salary in €
Contract’s manager 84000
Baker 84000
IT Manager 84000
Product manager 86000
QA manager 89000
Physician 90000
Commercial manager 92000
Software architect 93000
Actuary 95000
Software development manager 101000

Visa & More

Convenient student Visa processing for your overseas education in Ireland

VISA Rules

Students who are willing to start their educational careers in Ireland need to abide by some essential VISA rules to get the permit to study here.

So, the following are the rules that you must follow.

● You need to apply for the study visa at least 3 months before your arrival date in Ireland.

● You need to go through a completely online application process from the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service.

● You may require to provide your Biometrics information as a part of the application process.

● Students need to provide proof of English language proficiency with an internationally recognized certificate.

● You need to provide a letter explaining your need for the Visa, along with your signature.

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Visa Categories

While studying in Ireland, you need to opt for the necessary category of Visa for your study. There are 2 types of study Visas available in Ireland, as described below.

1. C-Type Study Visa:

For any study program or course, which lasts for less than 3 months, you have to apply for the C-type study Visa category.

2. D-Type Study Visa:

For any of the overseas study courses in Ireland that lasts for more than 3 months, you have to opt for this Visa category. To stay more than 3 months for study purposes, non-EU/ EEA students have to register with Garda National Immigration Bureau, which will permit them to stay in Ireland for more than 90 days.


● A valid passport

● Two recent color passport-sized photographs

● Letter of acceptance from the college or University where you took admission

● Proof of payment for the registrations and tuition fees

● Evidence accounting for any gap in your educational background

● Copies of all academic qualifications and exam results necessary for university studies

● English language proficiency certificate

● Proof of sufficient funds to support your expenses in Ireland without any recourse to public funds or reliance on any kind of casual employment

● Proof of private medical insurance

● Commitment letter to leave Ireland with the expiry of your Visa

Here are the expenses for Visa processing to study in Ireland

Visa Processing Fees
Single-entry Visa €60
Multiple-entry Visa